Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Individual Wall of Shame

Is it too much to ask for a guy that spends his hard earned money on a pair of used panties to get decent service and to have the panties come from a real women? For about two years it seemed the frauds, fakes, and crooks had been chased out of panty land. Now it seems they are back with a vengeance. We can fight back. We panty lovers have each other that we can depend on to out these scumbags.

Please post your experience with bad, fake, and dishonest dirty panty sellers here to warn others before they get taken too. Everybody is welcome here. You are among friends who want the same thing you do; what you paid for. If you are a seller and find yourself listed here you are welcome to respond with your side of the story.

Please keep discussion here limited to individual panty sellers. If you need to report a website or company use my corporate Wall of Shame Blog instead.